About us

Dolphin Swimwear have designed and continue to manufacture swimwear for the baby swim industry since 2005. Aimed at reducing the number of “accidents” in the pool, swim schools and pool operators all over the world have saved time and money by ensuring that all their customers use Dolphin Swimwear.

Founded in Sweden by Eva Bramfalk, a baby swimming instructor herself since 1991 and running her own swim school since 1995, Eva recognised that it was difficult to find swimwear for children of all shapes which can still effectively prevent “accidents”. Using her own experience of the baby swim industry and her degree in design, Eva was able to find a solution.

The solution was Dolphin Swimwear. Effective and flexible swimwear, fully adjustable around the waist and legs.

Dolphin Swimwear’s core values continue to be to deliver the highest quality and ensure the best possible service.